Fly the F-104 Starfighter in Florida

Fly the F104 Starfighter fighter jet in the USA

Fly the F104 Starfighter in the USA. The Starfighter is an incredible fighter jet capable of Mach 2.3 and going to altitudes of 18km, or the edge of the stratosphere. This fighter jet ride is now available thanks to Starfighters Inc. and available to the public via Incredible Adventures. The experience is run over 4 days at the Kennedy Space Centre. The Starfighter uses the same runway as the Shuttle when landing in Florida. The price is fixed at 30,500 USD, costly but surely worth the experience as the Starfighter is one extraordinary fighter jets.

The Starfighter experience

The Starfighter fighter jet experience is run over 4 days at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. It includes safety briefings, physiological tests, medical, some tests, cockpit familiarization, ejection procedures, and off course a suborbital flight in the F104 Starfighter. You will be fitted with the latest technology to support the flight and training lasts four days to ensure full safety during the ride.

Please see Starfighters Inc website for additional information on this unique experience. Pictures of the Starfighter on this webpage have been taken by Greg Glaxton of Incredible Adventures.

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