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About flyajetfighter.com

We are a team of passionate aviation lovers. We fly fighter jets. Some of us are still active in the French air force, others are early retired and enjoying their free time to fly various fighter planes. Once hooked, it is impossible to just watch the sky and stay on the ground… We want to share our passion with you and see the smile on your face as you step off our fighter jets, having lived an incredible experience. Flying with us is not just about the flight, but also the chance to share the experience of truly amazing fighter pilots.

We are operators of fighter jets in France

We provide an extraordinary experience. We fly fighter jets in France. The L39 Albatros and the Fouga Magister. We fly from Bordeaux and from Beauvais, near Paris. Both destinations are also highly attractive as you can fly in Bordeaux and then tour some of the best vineyards in the world. And when flying our jets in Beauvais, you are just one hour from the city of lights: Paris.

About our fighter pilots

All our pilots are highly skilled. Some are still active in the French Air Force, others have just recently retired. They have extensive experience and have flown in most combat zones around the world. Others have been in the Patrouille de France, the French national display team. We want you to enjoy our fighter jet rides so we will fly according to your G tolerance. You will be in constant communication during the flight so the pilot knows how you feel. All our pilots speak English and French and will make their best efforts to make your day a truly unforgettable moment.

Safety and maintenance are our top priorities

Flying a fighter jet is no ordinary experience. Safety and maintenance are paramount and we make sure they are done in strict accordance with current regulations. Each plane is fully audited and dismantled each year, then rebuilt and certified. This is why flying a fighter jet is safer than flying a commercial jetliner. Security on board is also paramount, and each passenger must attend a security briefing, including in the fighter plane.

The backing of Tematis

Flyajetfighter.com is a division of Tematis. To fly jets is costly, this is one of the reasons we have teamed up with Tematis, a company specializing in selling extraordinary experiences. The staff is professional and helpful and knows about aviation and fighter jets. You can book our fighter jets flights directly online with them. See tematis for additional information.

We have teamed up with other operators to resell their fighter jet experiences

Being operators of fighter jets in France, it was logical to us to team up with others around the world. Thanks to these partnerships, we can offer you flights on Russian fighters as well as fighter jet rides in South Africa and Switzerland. And because we like to share our passion, you will find some resources to locate other companies offering fighter jet experiences in other parts of the world.


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“The flight in the Fouga Magister jet from Le Touquet to Le Havre and back was utterly simply incredible. The roar of the engine. The G forces as the plane loops the loop. The stunning French country side flashing by just a few hundred feet below. The sensation of weightlessness as the plane falls to the greenery. One is left with a pounding heart due to the excitement and a little touch of fear!” – Tom Hennigan. – Kent, UK – Tom was actually one of our very first flier!


“Great pilots, great ride. One of the best moments of my life” –Graham Norton – UK


“The L39 Albatros experience is one of the best things i have done so far. I enjoyed every moment and particularly appreciated your team of pilots. The flight was incredible, with low level flying, loops and attack simulations. It was great. Thank you” – Christina Alonso – USA


“Your team in Bordeaux is simply fantastic. I truly felt like i was a fighter pilot myself and the jet ride was amazing. The loops, barrels… it was an incredible experience” – Paul Freysson Sweden.


Check other testimonies on our specific page. We are very happy by all your messages, so keep them coming. Many thanks.