Experience formation flying in a fighter plane! This is a unique experience to live for two. Enjoy your first jet fighter ride as you fly in formation. From the air, you will have the chance to admire the other plane in full evolution, while enjoying the beauty of the landscapes. This first flight experience takes place from Rennes. You will take advantage of this moment to discover the sensations of a fighter pilot, and of a demonstration pilot who fly on patrol.

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Fouga Magister Formation Flight in Rennes

A fighter jet flight is an unforgettable experience, which is all the more powerful if you can share it with a loved one or a friend while on a formation flight. Take off, evolutions, sensations, you will have the pleasure of sharing the emotions of the fighter pilots. This unique experience in France is done from Rennes in Brittany, with the promise of being able to fly over superb landscapes, and all the more so if you choose a long flight that will bring you to Mont St Michel and the rocky coast.

Course of your experience:

Welcome by the technical team and the pilots
Presentation of your fighter jet flight experience
Flight plan presentation
Dressing up: put on the flight suit, learn how to use the helmet
Safety briefing
Airplane tour with the pilot
Photo with the pilot
Presentation of the cockpit instruments
Installation in the cockpit
Starting the engines
Your jet fighter flight will vary depending on the length of time you choose. Here are the details of the itineraries of your flight in a fighter plane. The route noted is indicative. While performing a formation flight, you can also decide with your pilots, to concentrate on aerobatisc or any other aspect of the flight.

Itinerary 30mn by fighter plane:
Discovery of the flight in a fighter plane. The flight is broken down into 3 phases, with a first phase of discovery, a second phase of aerobatics (felt zero G, aerobatics), then a third phase of low-altitude flight. In 30 minutes, you take off from Rennes and go north to make the changes.

Itinerary 45mn by fighter plane:
Same as 30mn, but you push further north, to Mont St Michel. You fly over Mont St Michel at altitude – low altitude prohibited – and the bay at low altitude.

On landing, you will have the opportunity to take a few photos with the pilot, and especially to discover the videos made to share with those who came to accompany you.

Debrief with the pilots after the flight.
Recovery: the flight in a fighter plane is tiring, in particular because of the Gs (force of acceleration), and you can relax after the flight to “recover”.
Graduation of your fighter plane flight
Your plane: the Fouga Magister
The Aerospatiale-Potez-Fouga CM170 Magister is a jet aircraft designed in France in the early 1950s, and initially intended for the training of military pilots. Recognizable by its rear “V” (called “butterfly”) tail, it has been produced in a thousand examples and used by around twenty countries. Many copies are still in service today.

Thanks to its capabilities, the Fouga Magister was adopted as an elementary aerobatic aircraft for several acrobatic patrols, including the famous Patrouille de France, which used it for 24 years (from 1956 to 1980).

The pilots :
The pilots are highly qualified, some of whom have a military background as a fighter pilot, leader or pilot within the Patrouille de France, and especially with the desire to share their passion. Pilots fly based on your G (acceleration force) tolerance, and you are in constant communication with the pilot during your fighter jet flight.

Video option: the video of your flight is to be paid on site (60 euros per person). Wide angle video delivered to SD card.

Fouga Magister Formation Flight in Rennes

You are alone on board with the pilot. One participant per plane.

Conditions & restrictions
No flight experience is required to complete this fighter jet flight.
You must not have heart or neurological problems.
It is advisable not to drink alcohol the day before the flight and to be well rested.
Age: from 15 years old.
Size: max 2 meters.
Weight: max 100 kg
This experience takes place in favorable weather conditions. A confirmation of the flight will be given to you a few days before take-off, as well as the day before take-off.
This service may be postponed in the event of bad weather.

This service is available all year round.

Rennes, Brittany