Fly the L39 Albatros at La Roche sur Yon

Fly the L39 jet fighter from La Roche sur Yon, a smaller airport in Western France, between Poitiers and La Rochelle. Why fly there ? For the sceneries and the team, one of the very best aerobatics team in Europe. Be prepared for some serious shaking-up as you go into loops, barrels, and other immelmans… Your pilots are used to sustain up to 9Gs when they compete, but don’t worry, they will fly according to your G tolerance.

fly l39 roche sur yon

L-39 fighter experience in La Roche sur Yon

This how your jet fighter experience in La Roche sur Yon will unfold:

We’ll greet you in our hangar at the rendez-vous time
Welcome coffee, presentation and introduction to the team
Presentation of the jet fighter experience
Get suited up with the flying suit – and helmet
Quick tour of the aircraft
In the briefing room: briefing about the aircraft, the pilots, the flight plan, the dynamics of the flight, aerobatics done, instruments reading and answer all questions you may have
Security briefing, especially related to the ejection seat
Pre-flight tour of the aircraft
Get into the cockpit – review of the instruments
Then we will start the engines and close the canopy.
Take-off and jet fighter ride of 30mn
After landing, debrief with your pilot
Take the time to relax and take pictures.

Your fighter pilots in La Roche sur Yon

Your pilots are some of the best aerobatic pilots you can find in France. They are instructors, and they know how to have fun. Some have extensive experience in free flight as well and others have now passed onto bigger planes with airlines to continue their flying career. You will be in very good hands.

Conditions and restrictions

You must not have known heart problems
You must not have neurological problems
You will be required to bring a medical certificate with you, to give us at least one week before your flight.
The fighter jet ride takes place in favourable weather conditions. A confirmation of weather conditions is done 1 week before the flight.

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