Fly a jet fighter – Be a fighter pilot for a day

Come fly with us and experience what’s it like to be a fighter pilot


We operate jet fighters in France (L-39 and Fouga Magister), and we work with SOKOL in Russia to fly the MiG29

Fly a jet fighter – the experience

We have been operating jet fighters in France since 2006. We fly the Fouga Magister and the L-39. We are operators and we love our aircrafts. That’s why we take extreme caution in security and maintenance, so we can fly safely.

Flying a jet fighter is extraordinary. Once you are seated in the cockpit with the engines on, feeling nervous about what to expect next, you will experience a once a lifetime experience. What we do: aerobatics, low level flying, inverted flying, loops, and we will even let you take the controls of our jet fighter so you can feel what it is to actually fly a jet fighter!

During all the jet fighter ride, you will keep in contact with the pilot. In all cases, we fly according to G tolerance, so that your experience is as pleasurable as possible… And in all cases, no one likes to clean the mess after the flight, so we will communicate during the flight so you can let us know how you feel, if you are fine and we should push, or if that’s fine with you to keep things level, or on the contrary if you would like us to slow things down if you feel unwell.

We have one promise: you will remember this flight for the rest of your life!

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Fly a jet fighter – Conditions and Restrictions

A jet fighter ride is an awesome experience, however, there are some conditions and restrictions. Unfortunately, we need to impose limitations as even if the jet fighter experience is really fun, it can be physical for some.

As a general rule: anyone in a normal physical condition can fly the jet fighter.

However there are health restrictions:
You must not have heart and neurological problems.
You must not have serious back problems.
You must not be over 1m95 (6.4 ft) and weight more than 100kg (220.4 lbs). These restrictions may be greater for some planes, so ask us for more details.
Other restrictions apply when flying specific planes, such as the Mig to the edge of space: you must not have too much blood pressure.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to know more about the jet fighter experience.

We will ask you to send us a medical certificate before the flight, can be done by a general practitioner/doctor, testifying that you are capable of doing the jet fighter ride. This is the same certificate you would ask your doctor if you were doing a skydiving experience.

Fly a jet fighter – the aircrafts

We operate various aircrafts in France, and we do the jet fighter rides on the Fouga Magister and the L-39 Albatros. Both aircrafts are trainers, and have been used throughout the world to “make” fighter pilots. They are very agile, so much so that the French National Display team, the “Patrouille de France”, has used the Fouga Magister for ages before transferring to Alphajets very recently. You will get an amazing experience in both aircrafts. What may differ is the price, and the location. Check out our specific pages to know each flight better. We are discussing with CAA in the UK to get authorisation to do jet fighter rides in the UK soon. Check our “News” section for updates.

The L-39 Albatros is a recent trainer produced by AeroVodochody in the Tcheque Republic. It is still considered one of the best trainers in the world. The aircraft has been massively produced for the Eastern block at the time, but the company has been able to turn itself around when the communist block fell. The jet fighter has a great look, and will clearly deliver that “Top Gun” experience. We fly the L-39 in Paris, Reims and in the west at La Roche sur Yon and hopefully soon in the UK from Lydd.

fly l39 albatros

The Fouga Magister is a trainer from the 50s and 60s. Frankly, we love that plane. It is one of the most easy to fly and most agile jet ever built. This is a pilot’s favourite. The aircraft has a large and glassy canopy offering great views, especially when upside down…. The noise of the aircraft is also truly impressive! The Fouga Magister is flown in Brittany – we fly over the Mont St Michel – and sometimes in the south of France.

fly fouga magister

The MiG29. As operators, we have teamed up with the guys at SOKOL airbase in Russia where they test and operate the MiG jet fighters. They only work through resellers, and we are happy to one of them to resell their MiG29 rides, as they deliver some of the most amazing experiences: fly to the edge of space, where the sky is dark, and where you can admire the curvature of the earth. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The MiG-29 ride is a bit expensive, but definitely worth it.

fly mig 29

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