See what our clients say about the experience:

The flight in the Fouga Magister jet from Le Touquet to Le Havre and back was utterly simply incredible. The roar of the engine. The G forces as the plane loops the loop. The stunning French country side flashing by just a few hundred feet below. The sensation of weightlessness as the plane falls to the greenery. One is left with a pounding heart due to the excitement and a little touch of fear!” – Tom Hennigan. – Kent, UK – Tom was actually one of our very first flier!


Great pilots, great ride. One of the best moments of my life” – Graham Norton – UK


The L39 Albatros experience is one of the best things i have done so far. I enjoyed every moment and particularly appreciated your team of pilots. The flight was incredible, with low level flying, loops and attack simulations. It was great. Thank you” – Christina Alonso – USA


Your team in Bordeaux is simply fantastic. I truly felt like i was a fighter pilot myself and the jet ride was amazing. The loops, barrels… it was an incredible experience” – Paul Freysson – Sweden.


Thank you so much for an incredible experience. The L39 ride will remain one of the best things i have done in my entire life. Thank you to your team and pilots who are so nice and caring – Paula Duncan – London, UK


What a ride ! Cheers to you all in Beauvais. I never thought I could do this. Great low level flying along the cliffs of Etretat. Incredible loops. I am still hungry for more ! – Declan McCarthy – Dublin, Ireland.


I’ve never felt so alive, it scared the willies out of me and made me sick as a dog and yes, I loved it! – Steve Bleach – Sunday Times, UK


I celebrated my 70th birthday flying the Fouga Magister and it was simply one of the best rides in my life. I would like to thank the pilot for being so kind and all your team for such an extraordinary experience” – Carole Tracy – Scotland


The best way to experience panic, fear, joy and happiness in the same 30 minutes. I have never felt so alive and although not reassured at first, I just loved it. I never thought I could sustain the Gs, I guess I know my limits a bit better now – Michel Villers – Paris, France


I travelled all the way from New York to fly the L39 Albatros. I would like to thank you all for this amazing experience. Incredible power, nice folks, I truly felt like a fighter pilot. One of the best moments of my life! – Mark Cutts – New York, USA.


Amazing, amazing, amazing ! I want to do it again! Fiona Saunders – London, UK


Flying a fighter jet was one of my childhood dreams. Having won a competition I could not believe I had won this fighter jet ride. It was one of the best moments of my life. The pilots, the Gs, the scenery… it was simply incredible. Many thanks to your team. I will never forget this experience. Peter Hardwick – Surrey, UK


Incredible experience! I was so impressed by the pilots and the way they remain so cool in all events. Fantastic. Thanks again – Heidar Bernhardsson. – Iceland