Fly the L39 Albatros fighter jet in Paris – France

Fly the L39 Albatros fighter jet in Paris. The L39 Albatros is a jet that will deliver all the sensations of a fighter pilot as it is used for training in many air forces around the world. Ideal to try out evolutions such as barrels and tactical flying, you will enjoy this unique jet fighter ride so close to Paris, in France. Your pilots are all highly trained and qualified, one of them even being a key member of the Patrouille de France, the national air display team. Get suited up and ready for a fighter jet flight that you will never forget.

BONUS: choose to take control of the fighter jet in complete safety, guided by the professional instructor pilot (optional +250 euros*).

How to get there:

Pontoise is an airport located north west of Paris. You can fly directly into Pontoise by private jet.

Alternatively, closest airports are Paris Charles de Gaulle (35mn), and Le Bourget (40mn). Beauvais is 45mn away and well serviced with many airlines including low-cost airlines such as Ryanair.

From the UK and Belgium, you can also get to Paris by train (Eurostar and Thalys) and then hop on a taxi or Uber to reach Pontoise.

Fly a fighter jet in Paris – how the day goes

  • Welcoming at Cergy Pontoise aerodrome, north of Paris.
  • Some relatives, family or friends, can accompany you.
  • Equipment: put on the flight suit and helmet
  • Briefing on the flight, flight plan, safety on board, ejection seat, emergency maneuvers, cockpit instruments …
  • Installation in the plane in the back, for a briefing in front of the instruments and a reminder of the safety measures
  • Close the canopy, check communication with your pilot, start the engine, and let’s go for a great jet fighter ride!

You are in constant communication with the pilot, who flies according to your G tolerance.

The flight is filmed from the cockpit to immortalize this exceptional moment. Video offered.

Landing – find your senses and talk to your pilot about this exceptional flight in a fighter plane, which will no doubt remain engraved in your memory.

We offer 3 flight times: 30, 45 or 60mn.

The flight plan may vary depending on the weather conditions of the day. Usually:

  • 30mn: flight over the Seine towards Amiens with an aerobatic axis in the Vexin
  • 45mn: flight to the north coast, the Bay of Somme, and back
  • 60mn: flight to the north coast to follow the Opal coast, to St Valery en caux, Etretat, and the landing beaches, return
  • The routes are given for information only and can be adapted by the Pilot according to the weather or any other parameter.


Flight option – take control of the fighter jet

Feel the sensations of a fighter pilot at the controls of the L39!

Take the control stick several times for about half the duration of the flight, apart from takeoff, landing and aerobatics.In complete safety, in dual control, your professional instructor guides you for a maximum of sensations!

The instructor pilot reserves the right to withdraw the option to take orders depending on the weather or the environment (exceptional case then subject to a refund)You hesitate to take the option of taking orders? No problem, you can decide and pay on the spot (payment by credit card or cash).

fly fighter jet in Paris

Fighter pilots

The pilots: highly trained and qualified, with many years of experience flying fighter jets and long range airliners. You are in constant communication with the pilot, who flies according to your tolerance to G. They are also passionate men with whom you can connect and discuss.

The L-39 Albatros – the fighter jet

Fighter plane: L39 Albatros

The L-39 Albatros is a military training aircraft built by the Czechoslovak firm Aero Vodochody, which succeeded the Aero L-29 Delfin as the standard training aircraft for the Warsaw Pact forces. If the end of the Soviet Union caused sales of this aircraft to fall by more than 80%, with its L-59 and L-139 derivatives, at the beginning of 2006 it remained the most common jet trainer in the world. . It has also become a popular warbird.

Version: L-39C Albatros
Engine: 1 Walter Titan Al-25TI double-flow turbojet
Power: 1 x 1720 kgp
Wing span: 9.46 m
Fuselage length: 12.13 m
Ground height: 4.77 m
Wing area: 18.8 m²
Empty weight: 3,540 kg
Maximum weight: 4,700 kg
Practical ceiling: 11,000 m
Clearable distance: 1,100 km
Maximum speed: 750 km / h
Crew: 2 members

Conditions & restrictions to fly the fighter jet

Medical certificate required. To be in a good health. Do not suffer from heart or neurological problems.

Be over 16 years old

Height of the trunk in a seated position (head-buttocks): 98 cm max.

Weight between 50kg and 108kg

Subject to favorable weather conditions. Otherwise, postponement to a later date.

Dates of the fighter jet flights in Paris: Time slots during April / May and September / October

Location: Paris Pontoise, IDF, France