Frequently Asked Questions about flying a jet fighter

Flying fighter jets is not an ordinary experience. Please find below some of the questions that are often put forward. We have tried to answer them in the clearest possible manner. But do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email if you cannot find your answers.

Is it safe to fly fighter jets?

Yes it is. All our fighters are maintained to the best standards and in accordance to current regulations. Each part and plane is certified before it can fly. All our operations are fully insured as well. Our partners follow the same principle of safety first and their planes follow the same rules. They are also fully insured. Flying fighter jets is safer than riding your bicycle…

Are there health restrictions to flying fighter jets ?

Yes there are:

  • You must not have heart and neurological problems.
  • You must not have serious back problems
  • You must not be over 1m95 (6.4 ft) and weight more than 100kg (220.4 lbs). These restrictions may be greater for some planes, so ask us for more details.
  • Other restrictions apply when flying specific planes, such as the Mig to the edge of space: you must not have too much blood pressure.

When flying our L39 Albatros fighter jet with us, you will be required to bring a medical certificate delivered by your doctor certifying you are apt to fly. This is the same certificate your doctor would deliver if you were to do a skydiving jump. A certificate is not necessary for the Fouga Magister. Other operators will require that you pass a medical exam on site, such as in Russia. We advise you to make sure you can fly before you get there.

Are there other restrictions ?

We advise you to rest the day before your flight, especially if you are a very emotive person. Also not to drink alcohol the day before the flight.

Can I wear glasses during the flight?

Yes you can. Wearing glasses or contact lenses is not a problem at all.

Should I eat before the flight?

Yes you should. Many people are afraid of being sick during the fighter jet ride. Some are, some are not and it is impossible to tell before who will be sick. It entirely depends on your ability to sustain Gs. But your fighter pilot will make all efforts to make your fighter jet experience memorable… in a good way! Do not be afraid to eat in the morning or at lunch before the flight. Fighter pilots eat before they fly as they need the energy to cope with the Gs and the emotion of the flight. Simply avoid food and drinks that can turn your stomach funny such as orange juice and coffee.

Can I take my camera in the cockpit ?

No you cannot, for security reasons. It is highly dangerous to have an object moving about in the cockpit if you drop your camera as it can block the controls of the plane. But in most cases, the operator will mount a camera in the cockpit so that you can then have a good souvenir of your flight.

Will I get a movie of my flight?

Usually you will. However cameras are not made to sustain G force and they can break. We replace cameras every three or four flights to ensure we can deliver a movie of your fighter jet ride, but the camera can break during the flight.

How much does the fighter jet ride cost?

The cost depends on the flight you have selected, on which aircraft and duration. Our flights start at 1950 euros for 30mn. Flying Russian fighters can cost up to 19,000 euros depending on your chosen experience. Check our fighter jets selection to see the price.

How do I book my seat?

The process is very simple. Select your date, so we can check availability. In some cases, you will have papers to fill in, such as in Russia to get clearance on the airbase. Then simply pay. You can either book online via or by bank transfer, or check. We will send you our banking details so that you can proceed. You can pay the full amount or make partial payments until the two weeks before your flight date. Please see our booking page for additional information.

How far in advance do I need to book?

The sooner the better. We ourselves are very much flexible and fly all days, so usually you can get a seat one month and a half before your preferred date. Other operators only fly weekdays, others at weekends. Ask us for more details.

I want to offer a fighter jet experience. Do you have a gift voucher?

Yes we do. We recommend that you book through Tematis as they will send you a gift box with the full description of your chosen fighter jet ride without mention of price. You can also add a personalized message that will be printed on the voucher – always a nice touch for the beneficiary.

Do you have specific services for companies?

Yes we do. Since 2006 we have shared our passion with many companies that have offered the experience to clients, best achievers… or for product launches, seminars… See Corporate and Incentive for additional information.

You have other questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer them all.