Fly on an L-39 fighter jet in England. Slip into the shoes of a fighter pilot for a day. You take off from Lydd, in the south of England, for 30mn, 45mn or 60mn of flight along the cliffs and the sea. Thrills guaranteed with the a low altitude flight program and an acrobatic program. You will be welcomed by a team of enthusiasts including former fighter pilots.


Your jet fighter ride in the UK – Schedule of the day

Enjoy your flight in a fighter plane from Lydd in Kent.

The flight program is done in 3 stages: 1 / acclimatization, the pilot watches how the passenger reacts during small maneuvers, 2 / low-altitude flight, flying along the cliffs or making a trip over the sea, depending the day’s weather conditions, 3 / an acrobatic program, with loops, rolls and other aerobatic figures.

It is a complete program intended to make you feel the experience of fighter pilot. This is a great jet fighter ride.

Details of your program:

Arrival at the airport.
Our team welcomes you on site.
Meeting with the pilot
Briefing on the flight, flight plan, safety on board, cockpit instruments and emergency maneuvers.
Briefing on the handling of the ejection seat.
Wear the flight suit and helmet, then prepare for the most unique experience.
Flight time of 30mn, 45mn or 60mn according to your choice
Debriefing after the flight.
The flight is videotaped from the cockpit to immortalize this exceptional moment.
The pilots: highly trained and skilled, with many years of flying experience.

Flight plan: the flight plan depends on weather conditions. Usually you fly along the white cliffs of the south coast, as well as the Battle of Britain Memorial.

Fighter plane: L39 Albatros
The L-39 Albatros is a military training aircraft built by the Czechoslovak firm Aero Vodochody, which succeeded the Aero L-29 Delfin as the standard training aircraft for the Warsaw Pact forces. If the end of the Soviet Union caused sales of this aircraft to fall by more than 80%, with its L-59 and L-139 derivatives, at the beginning of 2006 it remained the most common jet trainer in the world. . It has also become a popular warbird.

Version: L-39C Albatros
Engine: 1 Walter Titan Al-25TI double-flow turbojet
Power: 1 x 1720 kgp
Wing span: 9.46 m
Fuselage length: 12.13 m
Ground height: 4.77 m
Wing area: 18.8 m²
Empty weight: 3,540 kg
Maximum weight: 4,700 kg
Practical ceiling: 11,000 m
Clearable distance: 1,100 km
Maximum speed: 750 km / h
Crew: 2 members

Your family and friends can go with you, but of course you are the only one flying.

Fly a jet fighter in the UK

Conditions & restrictions
Have a pilot license
Do not suffer from heart problems
Do not suffer from neurological problems
Be over 16 years old
Do not measure more than 1.90m, do not weigh less than 50kg, and not more than 105kg
This experience takes place in almost all weather conditions. The postponement of this service to a later date due to bad weather conditions is possible.

All year.

Lydd, Kent, South of England