We take a quick look back as 2013 is underway. We have had some tremendous fun – and we would like to thank you all that have flown with us – as it has been pleasure meeting you. We love to share our passion about jet fighters, flight, and pushing the limits. Over the years, we have had many different people flying in the back seat, but always good spirited and keen to experience what it feels like to be a fighter pilot. We met also many reporters for TV shows and news papers, and all have also enjoyed the experience – so they said – and we are glad they have been able to push our experience forward to their audience. Our great pleasure is in meeting new people and sharing the passion of flight. It does not matter that you do not sustain well the G force – unless we have to clean after you off course – we take our adrenaline kick from the smile on your face. So thank you all very much. It’s been good fun. And 2013 seems promising already. We are flying the Fouga Magister each day. This is one of the most agile jet fighter even if it looks “old school”. The process of registering the L-39 is finally coming to an end and we anticipate flying again the aircraft for early spring. Good news coming also as we are looking to get other jet fighters to give you even more experiences. So here are a few pictures to remember the past years, but we promise, we are totally looking forward to 2013 and the years to come. So come and fly with us.


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