Merry Xmas and Best wishes for 2013

All the team joins me in wishing you the very best for the end of the year and especially for 2013. May all your wishes come true. We have had a fantastic year thanks to all of you who have flown with us, in France, Russia, Switzerland, USA, Latvia. It was a great year and we were very blessed to cross your paths. You gave us a chance to share our passion for flight, and especially jet fighter rides. So a big thank you from us all, and we hope to see you again soon. Have a fantastic Xmas and New Year. Best wishes for 2013!

Meet Claudio who flew to the edge of space in the MiG 29. It was a fantastic day, made possible as Claudio won a corporate challenge in Italy and the ultimate prize was a ride to the edge of space. To achieve this, only one plane is available, which is the MiG 29. MiG rides have been suspended now until February 2013 due to maintenance on one of the engines.

edge of space mig 29