Nicole went to space…

We are thrilled that Nicole just completed her flight on the MiG 29 to the stratosphere. This is an extraordinary experience and we are thrilled that Nicole enjoyed this one in a lifetime experience. Checking-out the earth from above, at 80,000 feet is something totally unique. We just wanted to share. And if you do want to try that, see our dedicated page Fly to the edge of Space in the MiG 29


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Fly the MiG-29 jet fighter in Russia

The MiG-29 is ending its maintenance and ready to fly again. Remember there is a 60 days timeframe to select your date to enable the security check. Flying the MiG-29 is absolutely awesome. This is the fastest jet fighter you can hold of and the beast is super powerful, agile and you will need that G force suit to resist. There are four options to fly the MiG-29:

1/ a discovery flight: you fly the aircraft at subsonic speed, and discover all the aerobatic maneuvers the MiG-29 is capable of. Loops and barrels are just the easy ones. Get ready for this intense program but do not worry, if you think that’s too much, you can always ask the pilot to stop.

2/ A supersonic flight: go faster than the speed of sound. This is one of the few chances to travel super fast and experience breaking the sound barrier. This program usually ends up with an aerobatic program, just to demonstrate going supersonic is not only what it does.

3/ Stratospheric flight: reach the edge of space in the MiG-29. Fly up to 70,000 feet, twice as high as a normal airliner, and admire the curvature of the earth. The sky is pitch dark, and you are at twice the speed of sound. This is an extraordinary experience, and the only one so far to get you into the stratosphere.

4/ Suborbital flight training. This program is design for the people who have signed up already for a suborbital ride, whenever it will be. In the meantime, you get to experience all the thrills in the MiG-29, with parabolas, G force, and the full program of an astronaut.

All these programs are just exceptional. What’s more: you get your own interpreter and guide on site, with driver that will assist on the day, but will also show you around after your MiG flight. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Contact us for additional information.

Is Russia playing with the nerves of its neighbours ? That seems to be the case as two Russian fighters violated Japanese airspace on Thursday, Tokyo’s defence ministry said, prompting Japan to scramble its own warplanes in what was reported to be the first such incident in five years. The planes were detected off the northern island of Hokkaido for just over a minute, shortly after Japan’s new prime minister said he wanted to find a “mutually acceptable solution” to a decades-old territorial row between the two. Japan’s foreign ministry lodged a formal protest over what it said was an incursion by a pair of Russian Su-27 fighters. Four Japanese F-2 fighters were sent up to visually confirm the Russian planes, according to Kyodo news. The last breach was in 2008. Although Moscow denied any breach, the incident demonstrates again the tensions in the region about small islands that are effectively rich under with gas, oil and fishing rights. Long talks have been going on with Russia and Japan, about these. In December, Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to restart talks on signing a peace treaty formally ending the hostilities of World War II that has been stymied by the dispute about the islands. Soviet forces seized the isles, which stretch out into rich fishing waters off the northern coast of Hokkaido, in the dying days of WWII and drove out Japanese residents. The islands were later re-populated by Russians but remain a poor and undeveloped part of the country. One can help think that between the Russians and the Japanese, the Russians must necessarily be the bad guys. What is that so?

We take a quick look back as 2013 is underway. We have had some tremendous fun – and we would like to thank you all that have flown with us – as it has been pleasure meeting you. We love to share our passion about jet fighters, flight, and pushing the limits. Over the years, we have had many different people flying in the back seat, but always good spirited and keen to experience what it feels like to be a fighter pilot. We met also many reporters for TV shows and news papers, and all have also enjoyed the experience – so they said – and we are glad they have been able to push our experience forward to their audience. Our great pleasure is in meeting new people and sharing the passion of flight. It does not matter that you do not sustain well the G force – unless we have to clean after you off course – we take our adrenaline kick from the smile on your face. So thank you all very much. It’s been good fun. And 2013 seems promising already. We are flying the Fouga Magister each day. This is one of the most agile jet fighter even if it looks “old school”. The process of registering the L-39 is finally coming to an end and we anticipate flying again the aircraft for early spring. Good news coming also as we are looking to get other jet fighters to give you even more experiences. So here are a few pictures to remember the past years, but we promise, we are totally looking forward to 2013 and the years to come. So come and fly with us.