There are many things in life that will make you tick, and flying a jet fighter is one of the quickest to get your heart racing. A jet fighter ride is an unbelievable experience to live, and we welcome you to feel the adrenaline rush. Although we are based in France, and the operators of two jet fighters in Paris and Beauvais, we also work with other operators to offer rides in Russia, Switzerland, the UK and other destinations so you can feel like a fighter pilot. So what will you go through exactly ? Here is the deal:

Arrive at the airport late morning. We usually try start flying around 11am as there may some occasional mist before. You will get a full briefing, about safety first, then about the ride, the plane, and the instruments. You will also be briefed about the flight plan, what you will see, and most importantly, how to react to G force. You will then be suited up and seated in the jet fighter where we do the instruments again, showing you exactly where they are and what they mean. And after checking that all cameras are on, it’s engines on!

Let’s not talk about the ride, it’s all very personal the way people react. But I can assure you this will stay with you forever. Here is a quick video of one of our rides!

So if this is something you think you can handle, send us a mail or give us a call to organise your jet fighter ride.

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