Fly the L-39 jet fighter in Avignon South of France

Experience a jet fighter ride in the South of France, taking off from Avignon and flying up to the Meditteranean Sea at full speed! Get in the back seat of this L-39 fighter jet and let the sensations get you as you fly along the rugged mountains of Provence and then onto the Med. This is a great flying experience. We organise this jet fighter experience twice a year over various weekends in spring and fall. Get in touch for more info, we would love to share this jet experience with you. Equipped with your suit and your helmet, you will be able to play Mavericks in Top Gun. Welcomed by a professional and passionate team, you will have the chance to discover the world of aerobatics and fighter pilots through this extraordinary experience.

BONUS: Take control of the fighter plane in complete safety, guided by the professional instructor pilot (optional +200 euros *).

Flight times vary from 30 to 60mn – see Book your flight for prices.

L-39 fighter jet flight inAvignon South of France- on the day

You will need to allocate half a day on site.

Meet at the airfield on the date and time set-up for you
Meeting with pilots and technicians
Testing of flight equipment (suit, anti-G pants, charlotte, helmet, boots, etc.)
Safety briefing
Briefing around the plane
Then take a seat in the cockpit, briefing on the instruments.
The engine starts. The adrenaline rises a little more. And off we go for an L-39 fighter flight.
You will be in constant contact with your pilot.

Flight plan as an example (subject to weather conditions):
Flight plan as an example for a 30-minute flight: Ventoux, Albion plateaus, Luberon, Durance valley
Flight plan for 45 minutes: Durance Valley, Castellet, Cassis creeks, Marseille.
The flight includes an aerobatic phase. Guaranteed sensations! In the back seat, your pilot in the front, feel the agility and speed of the plane.
The time has come to regain the tarmak.
Debriefing and exchange of experience with the pilot and his team.

This flying experience in a fighter jet on the L-39 is an incredible experience for those who love aviation and adrenaline. Want more sensations? Take the controls!!!!

Take the control and fly the plane (+200 EUROS)
Feel the sensations of a fighter pilot at the controls of the L39!
Take the control stick several times for about half the duration of the flight, apart from takeoff, landing, and aerobatics.
In complete safety, in dual control, your professional instructor guides you for a maximum of sensations!
The instructor pilot reserves the right to withdraw the option depending on weather conditions and the environment (exceptional case then subject to a refund)
You hesitate to take the option of taking controls? No problem, you can decide and pay on the spot (payment by credit card or cash).

L-39 fighter jet flight in Avignon South of France- other things to know

The pilots
All pilots are highly qualified. Some have extensive experience in aerobatics and gliding while others are also airline pilots in their daily activities. Some have been in active duty in the French Air Force.

Fighter plane: L39 Albatros
The L-39 Albatros is a military training aircraft built by the Czechoslovak firm Aero Vodochody, which succeeded the Aero L-29 Delfin as the standard training aircraft for the Warsaw Pact forces. If the end of the Soviet Union caused sales of this aircraft to fall by more than 80%, with its L-59 and L-139 derivatives, in early 2006 it remained the most common jet trainer in the world. . It has also become a popular warbird.
Version: L-39C Albatros
Engine: 1 Walter Titan Al-25TI double-flow turbojet
Power: 1 x 1720 kgp
Wing span: 9.46 m
Fuselage length: 12.13 m
Ground height: 4.77 m
Wing area: 18.8 m²
Empty weight: 3,540 kg
Maximum weight: 4,700 kg
Practical ceiling: 11,000 m
Clearable distance: 1,100 km
Maximum speed: 910 km / h
Crew: 2 members

L-39 fighter jet flight in Avignon South of France- conditions & restrictions

Medical certificate required
To be in a good health. Do not suffer from heart problems or neurological problems
You will be asked to sign a waiver of responsibility and understanding of the risks of flying a fighter plane.
Be over 15 years old (parental authorization required for minors)
Do not weigh less than 50kg, and not more than 108kg. Height of trunk: 0.98 cm max.
Subject to favorable weather conditions. Otherwise, postponement to a later date.
Accompanying people: we welcome 4 people with you maximum

This flying experience in L39 from Avignon and is possible on several dates in the year (ususally in spring, summer and fall) Get in touch for more info.

Avignon, access through Lyon, Marseille and Nice

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