Want a new experience ? Try out formation flying in a jet fighter! Live the thrills of a jet fighter ride whilst flying in formation. This is a great flying experience to share and to feel like a Top Gun! Enjoy the incredible sensations and views of the other aircraft while flying upside down or at low altitude. More than a jet fighter ride, you get to share with a friend or loved one, making it the best experience possible. Formation flying requires precision and action. Fighter pilots are masters of precision and this experience will get you under the skin of such pilots. You will have to manage your own emotions as you get to enjoy a jet fighter ride, fly the jet for a moment, and experience formation flying, with the wings of the aircrafts very close, and doing evolutions together.

formation flying jet fighter

We have 2 different flight times to allow you to benefit from 2 experiences depending on your budget. But in all flights, you will get the full sensations of a fighter pilot, the difference being the distance and landscapes we can reach as we fly for a longer period of time.
This is a discovery flight of what fighter pilots experience every day. Flying west from Paris, the flight is composed of 3 phases: discovery and flight – your pilot sees how you react to some evolutions and then gives you the controls of the aircraft. Second phase is aerobatics, with various evolutions with zero-g, loops, barrels… and then low altitude flying which gives you the sense of speed of flying a jet fighter close to the ground.

The Fouga Magister is one of the best designed fighter planes ever. Easy to fly, it brings security with its twin engines, and offers a great view thanks to its wide cockpit glass. Built in the 1950s, the Fouga Magister was conceived as a jet trainer. The plane was worked so well that it was quickly adopted by various air forces around the world, such as the Israeli air Force who used the plane extensively during the six days war in 1967. The Fouga Magister is one of the most agile fighter planes ever built. So much that it has been the favourite plane of the French national display team, The Patrouille de France, from 1964 to 1980, when it was replaced by Alphajets.

For more information and pricing, see our section “fly a jet fighter” on our commercial website.

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