If you ever consider going to space but don’t have the budget to book a ticket with Virgin or Xcor, here is an alternative for you: suborbital flight training in the Mig 29. This is an unbelievable experience that has gone in the minds of the people flying the Mig in Russia, specifically for the people who wish to experience what it feels like to fly into space. The jet fighter will get you to 70,000 feet, where the sky has just disappeared and has turned pitch black. At this altitude, you are more than twice as high as a commercial airliner, and you can admire the curvature of the earth…

This flight lasts 45mn to 55mn and is done in Russia. You will fly up to 23km, more than twice higher than a commercial airliner, to the edge of space, where you get the chance to admire the curvature of the earth and the black colour of space right above your head.

3 options are available for this MiG-29 flight experience :

1/ 18500 euros – just the MiG flight – you will book yourself your accommodation and organise your visa. If you select this option, we recommend that you arrive at least 1 day before the MiG flight day.

2/ 19000 euros – this is a 3 day package including accommodation in 3 star hotel with breakfast, hotel pick-up on the MiG flight day, presence of a guide interpreter on the flight day, and transfer back to your hotel after the flight, and assistance with visa.

3/ 20000 euros – this is a 3 day package including accommodation in a 4 star hotel with breakfast, including pick up at the airport on your arrival and transfer to your hotel, hotel pick-up on the MiG flight day, presence of a guide interpreter on the flight day, and transfer back to your hotel after the flight, guided tour of the city, dinner in a traditional restaurant and assistance with visa.

Course of the Suborbital flight training on the Mig 29

Transfer from your hotel to SOKOL airbase – the official base where they test Migs. You are accompanied by a guide/interpreter who will follow you during the day.
You will be greeted at the base by the officials and your pilot.
Medical exam
Briefing with the pilot: flight plan, phases of the flight, security on board, instruments, radio control, oxygen mask, ejection seat procedures.
You will be then suited with a special G suit designed for high altitude flying. You will also learn to work the oxygen mask and your visor.
You will then be driven to the tarmac where the plane is ready for you. Tour of inspection of the Mig 29 with your pilot.
You are then seated in the back seat of the aircraft. Review of instruments and radio controls.

Engines on… your flight can start !

  • Take off followed by a vertical climb to simulate the launch of a rocket
  • Acceleration to supersonic speed (Mach 1.1)
  • Climb to high altitude – you will reach 23km, the edge of space, where you can admire the view of the curvature of the earth and dark sky of space.
  • Parabolas and other maneuvers to simulate zero gravity
  • Rapid descent, to simulate the fall down of a rocket flying down to earth
  • Aerobatics and evolutions, such as loops, barrels, inverted flying and other aerobatic figures to feel the Gs.
  • Landing

Your fighter jet: the Mig 29 Fulcrum

The Mig 29 Fulcrum is one of the best fighter jets built so far. 39 countries have equipped their air force with this unique fighter plane. It flies easily at Mach 2.25 and has a service ceiling of 60,000ft. It has an amazing rate of climb of 65,000ft/mn. Flying the Mig 29 is a truly incredible experience.

General characteristics

Crew: One, can take passenger
Length: 17.37 m (57 ft)
Wingspan: 11.4 m (37 ft 3 in)
Height: 4.73 m (15 ft 6 in)
Wing area: 38 m² (409 ft²)
Empty weight: 11,000 kg (24,250 lb)
Loaded weight: 16,800 kg (37,000 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 21,000 kg (46,300 lb)
Powerplant: 2× Klimov RD-33 afterburning turbofans, 8,300 kgf (81.4 kN, 18,300 lbf) each


Maximum speed: Mach 2.25 (2,400 km/h, 1,490 mph) At low altitude: 1,500 km/h, 930 mph
Range: 700 km (430 mi)
Ferry range: 2,100 km (1,800 mi) with 1 drop tank
Service ceiling: 18,013 m (59,100 ft)
Rate of climb: initial 330 m/s average 109 m/s 0-6000 m[101] (65,000 ft/min)
Wing loading: 442 kg/m² (90.5 lb/ft²)
Thrust/weight: 1.01

Conditions and restrictions to the fighter jet experience:

You must not have heart and/or neurological problems
You must be over 18 years of age
You must not be over 6.5ft tall (under 2m tall)
Participants are advised to be well rested for the day of the flight and to avoid alcohol the previous day.

Your jet fighter ride will be like nothing you have ever experienced. First, you will feel your head weighting two tons as the jet fighter shoots up to the air. You will fly vertically up to 9000m, that’s 29,500 feet, in a matter of seconds. You will then recuperate as you will zero G. The Mig 29 will then go into parabolas to let you experience weightlessness. The Mig 29 will climb to 70,000 ft, into the stratosphere so you get a preview of the view. Amazing is the only word. Then it gets tougher as the Mig 29 gets into aerobatic mode. Be prepared for some serious G force, as you would expect from a space ship maneuvering to get back into earth atmosphere. Finally the pilot will glide the aircraft to land, as most future spacecrafts will do. This is truly amazing, and all done thanks to the enormous power of the Mig 29, so far the only jet fighter able to do that.

Price of the fighter jet experience

See our booking page for additional information on prices.