• Testimonial

    • I've never felt so alive, it scared the willies out of me and made me sick as a dog and yes, I loved it! Steve Bleach - Sunday Times, UK
  • Welcome

    Flying fighter jets is not an impossible dream anymore. You can be a fighter pilot for a day, flying Russian fighters in Russia, L39 Albatros in France or in the USA, as well as other military aircrafts around the world. Fighter jets are amazing machines, capable of getting you to the edge of space, to break the sound barrier and to get you feel up to 7Gs.
  • Jet fighter experience

    Flying a jet fighter is extraordinary. Once you are seated in the cockpit with the engines on, feeling nervous about what to expect next, you will experience a once a lifetime experience. What we do: aerobatics, low level flying, inverted flying, loops, and we will even let you take the controls of our jet fighter so you can feel what it is to actually fly a jet fighter!
  • US & our partners

    We are based in France and we fly our jet fighters in France. However, we have teamed up with other operators like us around the world to provide you with this awsome experience near you. We have cherry picked the operators we felt we wanted to work with, and thanks to them we can offer you jet fighter rides in the USA, other European countries and in Russia.
  • What to expect

    A jet fighter ride is a physical experience and you will expect to feel the famous G Force. Anyone can fly a jet fighter, you just need to be rested, be happy about what you are about to experience as you will soon become part of the elite who have flown a jet fighter.
  • Events & Incentives

    We fly for individuals, but also companies who are interested in making their event very unique. Some of our corporate clients include brands like Lamborghini, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Société Générale, Pictet Private Banking, Abbott, Ikea, Carlyle, GFI, Chevrolet...
  • Testimonial

    • I would like to thank you all for this amazing experience. I truly felt like a fighter pilot. One of the best moments of my life! Mark Cutts - New York, USA