27 May 2024

The rise of combat drones: impact and ethical issues

Discover the growing impact of combat drones on aerial combat and the ethical issues raised. The advent of combat drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), has radically transformed the field of aerial combat. These remotely controlled devices offer significant new capabilities to armed forces. Their growing use also raises important […]
9 April 2024

Reconnaissance: investing in drones or spy planes

Explore the effectiveness and risks of investing in reconnaissance drones versus spy planes, with in-depth analysis to guide decision-makers. Aerial surveillance plays a crucial role in modern security and intelligence gathering. With increasing geopolitical tensions and the need for precise environmental monitoring, demand for advanced technological solutions has risen considerably. Among these […]
15 March 2024

The different types of military drones: an overview

Discover the many facets of military drones, from their classifications to their strategic uses, for an in-depth understanding. The rise of drones The technological boom of recent decades has transformed many aspects of our lives, but it is perhaps in the military field that the changes have been the most dramatic and, […]
13 October 2023

The Drone Swarm Revolution

Shield AI unveils V-Bat Teams technology with an eye on Replicator, potentially transforming the future of defense operations. V-Bat Teams, powered by artificial intelligence, could revolutionize military operations by enabling the mass deployment of autonomous drones at a low cost. California-based defense technology company Shield AI has recently revealed a groundbreaking technology […]
11 October 2023

The Rise of Drones in Armed Forces

The Rise of Drones in the Armed Forces: The End of Fighter Pilots? Since the initial incursions of unmanned aircraft in the 2000s, military drones have seen a meteoric rise in popularity and utility. The question now arises: with their rapid technological evolution, could these machines potentially replace fighter pilots and their […]
5 October 2023

The use of drones in coordination with fighter aircrafts

With the rapid evolution of technology and advances in aviation, the use of drones in coordination with fighter aircraft has become a new standard in military air operations. The combination of these two platforms offers strategic, operational and tactical advantages. In this article, we’ll explore in detail how drones can work in […]
18 September 2023

The Urgency of Wingmen Drones

In a world where technological advances are redefining the battlefield, the US Air Force is moving decisively in a futuristic direction, envisioning a fleet of “winged” drones as central elements of its defense strategy against the potentially adversarial powers of Russia and China. The US Air Force is highlighting its urgent need […]
19 February 2018

Are drones the future of fighter jets ?

Drones are everywhere, even Amazon is getting into the drone business for faster delivery. However, if the US online retailer is considering drones for civil use, some countries are now resenting having them hover over their heads. And that would be understandable since most drones in the skies are military, and some […]