7 May 2024

Aerodynamics: from aviation to underwater robotics

Discover Northrop Grumman and Lockheed’s use of aerodynamics for aircraft and underwater drones. Aerodynamics is crucial to the construction of both aircraft and underwater drones. This article explores how aerospace giants such as Northrop Grumman and Lockheed are integrating aerodynamic innovations to optimize the performance of their aircraft in both airborne and […]
4 April 2024

Advanced warning systems

Discover the crucial role of warning systems in global defense, their historical evolution and the modern technologies behind them. Warning systems Warning systems, the cornerstone of military science, aim to detect any threat or hostile intent, enabling a rapid response. Military history, with its emphasis on surprise, has led defenders to develop […]
11 October 2023

The Rise of Drones in Armed Forces

The Rise of Drones in the Armed Forces: The End of Fighter Pilots? Since the initial incursions of unmanned aircraft in the 2000s, military drones have seen a meteoric rise in popularity and utility. The question now arises: with their rapid technological evolution, could these machines potentially replace fighter pilots and their […]
28 September 2023

The Technological and Strategic Challenges Facing Combat Aircraft in the Future

Navigating the evolving landscape of air warfare, combat aircraft must confront a myriad of technological and strategic challenges ahead. As we step into the 21st century, the landscape of air warfare is evolving at an unprecedented pace, presenting both opportunities and challenges for combat aircraft. These flying machines, once the epitome of […]
20 September 2023

Collaborative Combat Aircraft Program: a revolution in collaboration

In an era when military technology is evolving at lightning speed, the US Air Force is launching a major new program that promises to redefine the standards of collaboration and autonomy in the air. The progressive implementation of the Collaborative Aircraft Combat (CCA) initiative promises to be a real turning point, providing […]
20 September 2023

Major aeronautical innovations since 1945

Since the end of the Second World War in 1945, the field of aeronautics has undergone a radical transformation, driven by continuous technological innovation. These advances have not only redefined the way aircraft are designed and operated, but have also had a profound impact on military defense, space exploration and civil aviation. […]
12 September 2023

Innovating for airspace dominance in modern warfare

In today’s era of rapid technological progress, air warfare is one of the fields where innovation has taken prodigious leaps forward. Understanding the intrinsic relationship between innovation and air dominance not only provides insight into the current dynamics of military engagements, but also paints a vivid picture of possible future trajectories in […]