6 October 2023

Russia Accidentally Shoots Down One of Its Own Su-35 Fighter Jets

British intelligence has revealed that Russia accidentally shot down one of its own Su-35 fighter jets in a recent friendly-fire incident. This article delves into the details of this tragic incident, explores its potential consequences, and examines the broader impact of the war in Ukraine on Russian aviation. In a recent British […]
22 September 2023

Russia develops a long-range kamikaze drone

Russia has developed a new long-range kamikaze drone called Italmas. This weapon offers enhanced capabilities that could change the game on the battlefield, particularly in terms of range and targeting. The emergence of the Italmas drone Russian drone manufacturer Aeroscan recently announced the development of a new surveillance munition, commonly known as […]
20 September 2023

The fall in Russian arms exports

Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine has led to a marked decline in its influence in the global arms market. While some countries, such as India, are beginning to turn to other suppliers, Russia faces considerable challenges in maintaining its market position, jeopardizing its traditional geopolitical role. In a world where geopolitical power […]
16 September 2023

Kim Jong Un in Russia: an interest in the Sukhoi Su-57

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is on an extended visit to Russia, during which he is inspecting technological advances in the Russian military industry. The visit raises concerns about possible transfers of banned weapons between the two countries, which could have a significant impact on the situation in Ukraine. North Korean […]
13 September 2023

Priceless losses for the Russian Air Force

The planned arrival of F-16 fighter jets in the Ukraine has given rise to differing opinions on their usefulness, but one aspect that is indisputable is the impact on the Russian Air Force. The intensive use of Russian fighter jets has already led to the loss of several of them, and this […]
12 September 2023

Iran turns to Russia for fighter jets

Iran is looking to modernize its aging air fleet by acquiring state-of-the-art fighter jets from Russia. However, many obstacles stand in the way of this quest, including economic constraints, geopolitical concerns and the reluctance of Russia and China to supply such equipment. Iran aspires to bolster its air capacity by acquiring modern […]
11 September 2023

Myanmar welcomes Russia’s first Su-30 fighter jets

Myanmar recently received its first delivery of two Russian-made Su-30 fighter jets. This acquisition raises international concerns about the stability of the region, including the US reaction to Russia’s support for Burma’s military rulers. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is currently receiving increased international attention due to its recent acquisition of two […]
6 September 2023

Iran strengthens its air fleet with Russian Yak-130 advanced trainers

Iran recently took delivery of Russian-made Yak-130 advanced trainer aircraft, marking a significant step forward for its air fleet. These aircraft could play a crucial role in the modernization of the Iranian air force, and have implications on the international stage, particularly in the context of the war in Ukraine. A new […]
23 May 2023

Russian large bombers since 1960

Since the 1960s, Russia has developed and used several large bombers, which have played a crucial role in military operations and strategic deterrence. These aircraft, with their unique characteristics, impressive performance and long history of use, have left their mark on the history of Russian military aviation. This article will examine the […]