9 July 2024

How China hacked the UK Ministry of Defence

Find out the technical details and strategic implications of China’s alleged cyber attack on the UK Ministry of Defence. A sophisticated cyber attack targeted the UK Armed Forces payroll system, managed by SSCL, compromising the personal data of servicemen and women. China is suspected of being behind the attack, although Beijing denies […]
25 June 2024

When China requires passengers to keep their windows closed

China requires passengers to keep their windows closed during take-off and landing to protect national security. China is requiring passengers to keep their windows closed during take-off and landing at airports used for both civilian and military purposes. This measure is designed to prevent the capture of sensitive images that could threaten […]
24 May 2024

Taiwan deploys Mirage 2000s in response to Chinese military maneuvers

Taiwan has deployed its Mirage 2000s in response to Chinese military exercises, demonstrating its air defense capabilities despite rising tensions. In brief Taiwan has deployed its Mirage 2000 and F-16 aircraft in response to Chinese military exercises around the island. The maneuvers are intended to demonstrate China’s ability to control the region […]
22 May 2024

5th-generation J-20 fighter: new stealth capabilities and improved weaponry

China’s J-20 fighter evolves with enhanced stealth capabilities and improved weaponry, say experts. Technical and scientific analysis. China recently unveiled a new version of its fifth-generation J-20 fighter. The Chengdu J-20, nicknamed the “Mighty Dragon”, is an advanced fighter designed to rival American stealth fighters such as the F-22 Raptor and F-35 […]
15 March 2024

Japan intercepts Chinese nuclear bombers

Japanese fighter jets have intercepted Chinese strategic bombers over disputed waters, underlining regional tensions and Tokyo’s vigilance against Chinese patrols. Recent interceptions by Japanese fighter jets of Chinese strategic bombers over disputed waters reflect heightened regional tensions and increased vigilance by Japanese forces. This report details the incident involving Chinese H-6 bombers, […]
7 March 2024

Boeing fined for data leaks to China

Boeing accepts a $51 million fine for leaking data on military aircraft, including the F-22, to China and other countries. Boeing data leak incident Boeing has been fined $51 million by the U.S. State Department following the unauthorized disclosure of files relating to sensitive military aircraft, including the F-22 fighter jet, Apache […]
25 September 2023

China sanctions Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin for arms sales to Taiwan

China has decided to impose sanctions on US defense firms Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin for their role in arms sales to Taiwan. This decision, taken against a backdrop of heightened military tensions around Taiwan, raises questions about the future of Sino-American relations. The announcement of sanctions: a strong signal from Beijing […]
2 September 2023

Stealth jet war: US 6th generation vs. Chinese 6th generation

Both the USA and China are actively developing their revolutionary 6th generation stealth fighter jets. However, despite intense competition, the technical specifics remain a mystery, and the debate over superiority persists. Anticipated features of 6th generation stealth jets 6th generation aircraft in the USA: what we know China’s 6th-generation aircraft: a developing […]
15 February 2023

Spy or weather balloon ?

In a climate of heightened tensions, China was caught sending a spy balloon over the United States, causing an F-22 to take off and a missile to be fired to destroy the balloon. China defends itself from having spied on the United States, claiming that it was a weather balloon. This gives […]