18 June 2024

Growth in the military trainer aircraft market

The market for military training aircraft will reach $17.4 billion by 2032, with annual growth of 6.2% thanks to fleet modernisation and growing demand for advanced training. In brief The market for military training aircraft is expected to reach $17.4 billion by 2032, with annual growth of 6.2%. This expansion is driven […]
7 June 2024

The Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker in combat

Discover the wartime missions of the Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker, its technical characteristics and its key role in various conflicts and military operations. The Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker is a fighter aircraft developed by the Sukhoi design bureau in the Soviet Union. Designed as a response to the American F-15 Eagle fighter, the Su-27 […]
27 May 2024

Directed-energy weapons: lasers and railguns in combat aircraft

Find out more about directed-energy weapon technologies, such as lasers and railguns, and their future potential in combat aircraft. Directed energy weapons Directed energy weapons (DEW) represent a significant advance in the military field, offering unique and revolutionary capabilities. Among the most promising AED technologies are lasers and railguns, whose integration into […]
22 May 2024

The Iranian Army’s Military Aircraft: Are they obsolete due to poor maintenance?

Military aviation is a crucial element of national defense, providing essential strategic and tactical capabilities. For the Iranian army, the fleet of military aircraft represents a fundamental pillar of its military power. However, questions persist as to the condition of these aircraft, particularly with regard to their maintenance and obsolescence. This essay […]
13 May 2024

Legendary aircrafts

This article details the technical specifications and historical impact of legendary aircraft such as the Fokker Dr.I and Concorde. Legendary aircraft such as the Fokker Dr.I, Concorde, MiG-31 and X-15 have left their mark on aviation history through their technical innovations and their role in the development of military and commercial aviation. […]
15 March 2024

The different types of military drones: an overview

Discover the many facets of military drones, from their classifications to their strategic uses, for an in-depth understanding. The rise of drones The technological boom of recent decades has transformed many aspects of our lives, but it is perhaps in the military field that the changes have been the most dramatic and, […]
14 March 2024

The most famous fighter jets since 1945

When fighter jets are famous The pantheon of modern military aviation is replete with fighter jets that are not just marvels of engineering but also potent symbols of national power and technological prowess. The 15 fighters listed, from the iconic North American F-86 Sabre to the state-of-the-art Dassault Rafale, encapsulate the evolution […]
7 March 2024

Boeing fined for data leaks to China

Boeing accepts a $51 million fine for leaking data on military aircraft, including the F-22, to China and other countries. Boeing data leak incident Boeing has been fined $51 million by the U.S. State Department following the unauthorized disclosure of files relating to sensitive military aircraft, including the F-22 fighter jet, Apache […]
21 February 2024

Collaborative Combat Aircraft: innovation in aeronautics

Discover the Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA), a major advance in the fighter aircraft sector, increasing operational efficiency. Collaborative Combat Aircraft: towards a new era of air superiority In the field of air defense, constant innovation is not only an aspiration, but a necessity. At the heart of this perpetual quest for excellence […]