13 September 2023

Priceless losses for the Russian Air Force

The planned arrival of F-16 fighter jets in the Ukraine has given rise to differing opinions on their usefulness, but one aspect that is indisputable is the impact on the Russian Air Force. The intensive use of Russian fighter jets has already led to the loss of several of them, and this […]
5 September 2023

BAE Systems establishes strategic presence in Ukraine

British defense giant BAE Systems is establishing a presence in Ukraine to support the war effort against the Russian invasion. The company aims to produce 105 mm light artillery guns on Ukrainian soil. This decision raises security and geopolitical issues, as Ukraine seeks to strengthen its arsenal while boosting its economy. British […]
23 September 2014

Allied strikes in Irak

This is it, we are going for a 3rd war in Irak. Jet fighter rides from France have been dispatched to the Gulf and have started to work on recognaissance to allow other allied countries to strike directly at the jihadists. The US and regional allies launched multiple strikes against Islamic militants […]