3 October 2023

Why isn’t the JAS Gripen more popular in Europe?

The JAS Gripen, developed by Saab of Sweden, is a modern, versatile multi-role fighter jet that has attracted interest in various parts of the world. While it’s an advanced aircraft with many attractive features, the reason it isn’t more widely adopted in Europe can be attributed to a variety of factors: Despite […]
15 September 2023

Ukraine to acquire Swedish Gripen fighters

Sweden is considering supplying Gripen fighter jets to Ukraine to bolster its air defense against Russian aggression. This article explores the strategic advantages of Gripen, the implications of this possible acquisition for Ukraine, and the challenges that lie ahead. Against a background of continuing tensions with Russia and urgent air defense needs, […]
19 November 2012

Hungarian Gripen to police Slovenian air space

Every country should be protected, but unfortunately, protection costs a lot of money as you need to either manufacturer yourself or purchase the tools to protect you, such as jet fighters, tanks, and so forth. So when countries do not have the budget to purchase such defensive weapons, they get into alliances, […]