16 October 2023

Drone Swarms in the Military

The advent of drone technology has marked a turning point in military history. From simple remotely piloted flying devices for reconnaissance, they have evolved to become genuine instruments of warfare. One of the most recent and intriguing advancements in this area is the development of drone swarms. But how do they operate? […]
16 October 2023

General Atomics’ Eagle Eye: The New Anti-Drone Weapon for Gray Eagles

General Atomics has launched a new radar, the Eagle Eye, which will transform Gray Eagle drones into anti-drone hunters. This innovation comes at a pivotal time when the use of drones in conflicts is on a significant rise. A New Surveillance Tool on the Battlefield The Eagle Eye is the latest offering […]
13 October 2023

The Drone Swarm Revolution

Shield AI unveils V-Bat Teams technology with an eye on Replicator, potentially transforming the future of defense operations. V-Bat Teams, powered by artificial intelligence, could revolutionize military operations by enabling the mass deployment of autonomous drones at a low cost. California-based defense technology company Shield AI has recently revealed a groundbreaking technology […]
12 October 2023

Hypersonic aircraft technology

Hypersonic aircrafts are capable of flying at speeds in excess of Mach 5 (five times the speed of sound). Their development poses major technical and scientific challenges due to the extreme conditions encountered at these speeds. I. Introduction Definition of hypersonics: Hypersonics refers to a flight regime in which an object travels […]
11 October 2023

The Rise of Drones in Armed Forces

The Rise of Drones in the Armed Forces: The End of Fighter Pilots? Since the initial incursions of unmanned aircraft in the 2000s, military drones have seen a meteoric rise in popularity and utility. The question now arises: with their rapid technological evolution, could these machines potentially replace fighter pilots and their […]
29 September 2023

The 3D printing revolution in defense

The growth of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is emerging as a “game changer” for the military sector, offering innovative opportunities, particularly in the development of hypersonic weapons. Keith DeVries, Deputy Director of the Manufacturing Technology Program at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, highlighted the advances in additive manufacturing and […]
22 September 2023

The development of kamikaze drones

Kamikaze drones, these sophisticated yet controversial surveillance munitions, represent a new dimension in modern warfare. This article explores in depth what they are, their objectives, producers, advantages and disadvantages, their uses in the field, their geopolitical implications, and the ethical and technical questions they raise. What is a kamikaze drone? A kamikaze […]
20 September 2023

Collaborative Combat Aircraft Program: a revolution in collaboration

In an era when military technology is evolving at lightning speed, the US Air Force is launching a major new program that promises to redefine the standards of collaboration and autonomy in the air. The progressive implementation of the Collaborative Aircraft Combat (CCA) initiative promises to be a real turning point, providing […]
20 September 2023

Major aeronautical innovations since 1945

Since the end of the Second World War in 1945, the field of aeronautics has undergone a radical transformation, driven by continuous technological innovation. These advances have not only redefined the way aircraft are designed and operated, but have also had a profound impact on military defense, space exploration and civil aviation. […]