5 October 2023

The use of drones in coordination with fighter aircrafts

With the rapid evolution of technology and advances in aviation, the use of drones in coordination with fighter aircraft has become a new standard in military air operations. The combination of these two platforms offers strategic, operational and tactical advantages. In this article, we’ll explore in detail how drones can work in […]
5 January 2023

The perfect fighter jet

It is difficult to define a perfect fighter aircraft, as the ideal characteristics will depend on the operational environment, missions and objectives being pursued. However, here are some characteristics that might be considered important for a perfect fighter aircraft: Superior flight capability A perfect fighter aircraft should have superior flight capability, with […]
14 May 2012

British WWII fighter found in the desert

As German Gen. Erwin Rommel chased British forces across the North African desert, a stray Royal Air Force fighter crashed in the blistering sands of the Egyptian Sahara on June 28, 1942. The pilot was never heard from again. The damaged Kittyhawk P-40 – a couple of hundred miles from civilization – […]