25 September 2023

Vietnam and the USA: historic F-16 military partnership in sight

The Biden administration is in talks with Vietnam over what could be the biggest arms transfer between these former Cold War adversaries. At the heart of the discussions is the sale of a fleet of American F-16 fighter jets, a move that comes against a backdrop of growing tensions with Beijing. History […]
21 September 2023

New US sanctions against Iran’s UAV supply chain

The US administration has announced additional financial sanctions against the global supply chain for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) manufactured in Iran, also affecting entities in China, Russia and Turkey. This decision is aimed at hindering the production of UAVs by the Iranian company HESA, which are used in various conflicts in the […]
20 September 2023

Collaborative Combat Aircraft Program: a revolution in collaboration

In an era when military technology is evolving at lightning speed, the US Air Force is launching a major new program that promises to redefine the standards of collaboration and autonomy in the air. The progressive implementation of the Collaborative Aircraft Combat (CCA) initiative promises to be a real turning point, providing […]
20 September 2023

How the US Air Force lost an F-35

In the mysterious circumstances surrounding the loss of an F-35 fighter jet in South Carolina, there is growing unease among both the local community and aviation experts. Here’s a detailed analysis of this enigmatic incident, extrapolating on potential consequences and repercussions. An F-35 recently crashed in South Carolina under unclear circumstances, provoking […]
18 September 2023

USA resumes surveillance operations in Niger

In a rapidly changing political and security context in Niger, US military interventions on the ground are becoming a subject of intense concern and discussion. Let’s decipher the Pentagon’s latest clarifications on the nature of these operations and the potential implications for the region’s future. The Pentagon corrects recent statements concerning the […]
16 September 2023

Korean KF-21 Boramae challenges US F-35 stealth fighter for Polish Air Force contract

Poland, eager to bolster its defense capabilities, is considering the acquisition of two additional squadrons of multirole fighter jets. Among the candidates for the contract are the American F-35, the F-15EX, and the South Korean KF-21 Boramae. This article explores what’s at stake in this decision, and the possible consequences for Poland […]
2 September 2023

Stealth jet war: US 6th generation vs. Chinese 6th generation

Both the USA and China are actively developing their revolutionary 6th generation stealth fighter jets. However, despite intense competition, the technical specifics remain a mystery, and the debate over superiority persists. Anticipated features of 6th generation stealth jets 6th generation aircraft in the USA: what we know China’s 6th-generation aircraft: a developing […]
2 September 2023

Ukraine reinforces its air arsenal with AIM-120 air-to-air missiles from the USA

The Pentagon has finally decided to supply Ukraine with the AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missile, renowned for its ability to destroy aircraft of Soviet origin. This acquisition could change the balance of power in the air with Russia. A strategic acquisition The Pentagon’s recent decision to supply Ukraine with the AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range […]
15 February 2023

Spy or weather balloon ?

In a climate of heightened tensions, China was caught sending a spy balloon over the United States, causing an F-22 to take off and a missile to be fired to destroy the balloon. China defends itself from having spied on the United States, claiming that it was a weather balloon. This gives […]