15 May 2024

Fighter jet interception times

Detailed analysis of fighter interception processes and times in France, including the dangers of late interception. Intercepting an unidentified aircraft or one that does not respond to radar is a crucial task in ensuring air and national security. This article explores the detailed steps involved in the process of interception by fighter […]
15 May 2024

The geopolitical consequences of French aircraft supremacy in Europe

Technical and scientific analysis of the geopolitical impact of France being the only manufacturer of combat aircraft in Europe, in the face of American aircraft purchases. The military aviation industry plays a crucial role in national sovereignty and geopolitical influence. In Europe, France, via Dassault Aviation, is a major player in the […]
13 May 2024

Advances in AI-powered fighter jets in the USA

Discover the recent developments and implications of artificial intelligence (AI)-piloted fighter jets in the USA and their potential impact. Understand in 2 minutes The USA is actively developing fighter jets piloted by artificial intelligence (AI), including an AI-controlled F-16 Fighting Falcon during a test in California. These advances could revolutionize air combat […]
13 May 2024

Technical analysis of the F-35C airborne fighter

Discover the technical capabilities and strategic role of the F-35C Lightning II in the US Navy’s naval air operations. 2 minutes to understand The F-35C Lightning II, specifically designed for carrier-based operations, is a centerpiece of modern naval aviation. With wider wings for improved low-speed control, folding wingtips for carrier space efficiency, […]
13 May 2024

Legendary aircrafts

This article details the technical specifications and historical impact of legendary aircraft such as the Fokker Dr.I and Concorde. Legendary aircraft such as the Fokker Dr.I, Concorde, MiG-31 and X-15 have left their mark on aviation history through their technical innovations and their role in the development of military and commercial aviation. […]
7 May 2024

Germany to assemble F-35s in the USA rather than Europe

Germany has chosen to assemble its F-35s in the USA rather than Europe, favoring Lockheed Martin’s Fort Worth site. In May 2026, Germany will begin receiving its new F-35 Lightning II fighter jets, produced by Lockheed Martin. Contrary to expectations, the Luftwaffe has opted for assembly in the USA rather than Europe, […]
29 April 2024

Russian Threats in European Airspace

Increase in Russian Aircraft Incursions in Europe Testing NATO Defenses, Requiring Enhanced Cooperation and Modernization. Context and Significance of Russian Aerial Incursions European airspace faces an escalating threat due to frequent incursions by Russian fighter jets. These incidents are not isolated but are manifestations of a broader strategy directly testing NATO’s air […]
22 April 2024

Demilitarizing combat aircraft for civilian use

Discover the technical and regulatory process of converting combat aircraft for civilian use, with concrete examples and detailed explanations. The conversion of combat aircraft to civilian use, or demilitarization, involves multiple technical and regulatory adjustments, in order to reassign these aircraft to non-military purposes. This may include decommissioned fighters or older models […]
19 April 2024

The end of the F-15 fighter jet

After more than 40 years of service, the F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter is being replaced by more modern models. The F-15 Eagle, in service since 1972 and produced today by Boeing, has long dominated the skies thanks to substantial upgrades. This aircraft, originally designed to counter advanced Soviet air defenses, is […]