Recently Kate and William went on tour to Australia and took the time to visit an airbase, get in a fighter jet, and fly the plane in a simulator. Debrett’s Guide to Etiquette does not include advice on how to get in and out of a fighter jet in a ladylike fashion, but if it did, the Duchess of Cambridge could write it. On a visit to a Royal Australian Air Force base near Brisbane, the Duchess, wearing a knee-length LK Bennett dress and high heels, demonstrated perfect deportment as she clambered in and out of the cockpit. The Duke of Cambridge had invited her to sit behind him in the navigator’s seat, but the Duchess showed there is only one Top Gun in her marriage as she told her husband to move aside. The couple were being shown an F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter jet at RAAF Amberley when the Duke, who had climbed into the pilot’s seat, asked the Duchess: “Do you fancy jumping in the back?” Not likely. The Duchess waited until her husband had moved into the back seat then got behind the controls. Aware that photographers’ lenses were trained on her, the Duchess executed a three-stage manoeuvre that made sure the minimum amount of thigh was on display. After putting her left foot across her right on to the step plate at the root of the port wing, the Duchess brought her right leg over and into the cockpit, moved her left leg into line, then slid into the ejector seat of the £39 million aircraft. Jasmine Richards, 25, a flight lieutenant who stood by the Duchess as she saw the Super Hornet, said: “She asked if she would be able to get in and I said ‘Yes, if you’re careful’ and William said ‘Oh my goodness, really?’ He kept telling Kate to be careful.” The Duchess, who accessorised her £245 dress with a clutch bag by the Australian designer Oroton, later joined her husband in an F-18 flight simulator, where he insisted on being up front.