Fly the Fouga Magister in France

If you are travelling to France, there is one experience you should definitely try with us, and it is a reason on its own to travel to France : come and fly the Fouga Magister jet fighter. This aircraft is a beauty, with its recognizable V tail, but most importantly, it is highly maneuverable and with a large glass canopy, it offers incredible views over the landscapes.

We fly the Fouga Magister from Beauvais, near Paris, but also from Abbeville in northern France. It is very easy to access with flights landing directly into Beauvais airport with Ryanair and other low cost airlines, and even when flying into Charles de Gaulle airport. The experience is truly worth the experience as you will share a unique moment with professional fighter pilots, and become one for a day.

Check out the following video to see what it’s like to fly with us!