Testimonies – fly a jet fighter

What’s it like to fly a jet fighter ? Flying a jet fighter is an extraordinary experience. We are very fortunate because we make people live something unique, and for some, it is an achievement, the realization of a dream. And to be part of it is simply great. We meet people who are very nervous and anxious at first. They open up through the day until they get seated in the plane. There, they get nervous again as we go through the instruments review. But once the canopy is closed, we can feel they are getting ready to enjoy their jet fighter ride.

It is scary at first for some, others are anxious to get it over with, but once they get airborne and we start the first evolutions, they relax and enjoy it. They take it all in and we can hear the comments – sometimes it’s just “arghhhh”, or “oh my god, oh my god”, or “unbelievable”… Then we get the “what ?”. That’s when we ask them if they want to take the controls… We are very fortunate because we see smiling and happy people all day. Of course some are a little white when getting out of the aircraft, but also part of the experience. So just to thank you all, here are some testimonies that you have been kind to send us after the flight. We thought there is no better way to share the experience than to let you explain it with your own words.

fly jet fighter

Dear all, thanks again for a wonderful day in Beauvais. I am now back to my usual self and would like to thank your team and your pilot Pierre for the amazing ride. You have made my day perfect, and I will never forget this experience. Thanks again. Paul Chesap – UK.

A personal thanks to Claire and Claude for their amazing kindness and a fantastic flight. I never thought I could actually fly the aircraft… I still have the sensations of the flight and I am actually looking forward to doing it again – Carol Van Dyck – Canada.

Flying to the edge of space in the Mig 29 was utterly mind blowing. Thank you so much for a fantastic experience. I never thought I would do this one day, and I am so happy I actually have been one of the very few to reach for the stars. It was incredible. Thanks to the pilot and to the team in Russia for making this my life changing experience – Leonie Marin – France

I felt incredibly powerful and sick at the same time. It was very weird and I am so happy I did the ride. Thank you for your support and kindness throughout. Feeling G force is an extraordinary experience. I will strongly recommend your team. Bob Hardy – UK

We have decided to put more testimonies online and it will be done so each month. Keep your testimonies coming, we always like to hear that you are well and to get your feedback.