We will start our jet fighter rides around early April this year to ensure weather is perfect for your rides. However, you need to try out this amazing experience: being a fighter pilot. It’s a real shoot them up, with real planes, authentic fighter pilots, and real guns (well, laser guns). This is the ultimate experience, and it’s done all year round near Bordeaux in France. Contact us for more info. And check out the video, it’s truly amaizing!

Jet fighter rides this summer

We have been lazy on the blog front this summer primarily because we have been sooooo busy flying. What a great summer it has been. Great weather, good temperatures and a nice cold ice tea at the end of the day. We have met fantastic people during this past two months and it has been a great satisfaction to get you in the air and enjoy our jet fighter rides. We have also teamed up with our friends in the South to deliver air combat experiences, a unique experience in Europe. Here are a few pics of our summer!

fly a jet fighter

For anyone who has dreamed about becoming a fighter pilot and unfortunately having to do something else for a living, here is an awsome experience that will turn your childhood dream into reality. Thanks to military fighter pilots in the French air force, you can now take the controls of light aircrafts, learn to fly them, and engage in an air combat. Both aircrafts are equipped with a laser system that triggers a smoke system if you aim right. This is as simple as can be, and so much fun. You will experience G force, and be welcomed by a fantastic team near Bordeaux, south west France. Check out this experience by following the link: fighter pilot experience. And here is a video to give you a quick preview of what’s waiting for you…

Air Combat and dogfight

It’s live very very soon and this is going to be very fun indeed : Air combat ! We have worked hard on this new experience where you take the controls of a light aircraft to experience something truly amazing: a real dogfight experience. After a morning briefing about flying an aircraft and the techniques of air combat, you take the control of the aircraft with a real fighter pilot in the backseat. Your mission: once in the air, get closer to your enemy, aim and shoot.

Each aircraft is equipped with laser guided systems and smoke systems. The laser system acknowledges if the shot is successful, triggering the smoke the system to go off, just like if the plane had been really hit. The feel is real, and it looks real. This truly is a mind blowing aerial experience. All the training is done by fighter pilots who are still active in the French Air Force, and some who are just retired. They have seen many war zones and have tremendous experience. You are in no better hands to live this experience.

What’s more ? This air combat experience is done in the Medoc area, near Bordeaux, famous for its vineyards. So this makes it the perfect weekend, with air combat, wine tasting, and a bit of culture in Bordeaux. Want to know more ? Follow the link to know more about our air combat dogfight experience.

In the meantime, check out some pictures of what to expect.