We are positioning a jet fighter in the south of France in May 2015. This is the perfect location to enjoy the sun and charm of southern France and experimenting the thrills of a jet fighter rides.

Save the date:
May 1-2-3
May 8-9-10
May 14-15-16

Jet fighter rides will start from Aix en Provence. The aircraft is the Fouga Magister, a jet fighter selected by the French National displays team – the Patrouille de France, for it’s incredible agility. This is one of the best aircrafts for aerobatics!

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Fly a jet fighter in France

We are doing a tour in South West and the South of France to get people to live a unique experience: to fly a jet fighter. To this end, we have planned a schedule of dates and cities. Here they are:

  • Rochefort & Niort – South West France from 19th to 23rd July
  • Cuers – South of France, from 24th July to 31st July
  • Grenoble nr the Alps, from 11th September to 16th September
  • Clermont Ferrand, over the volcanoes from 11th October to 15th October
  • Cuers – South of France, from 17th October to 23rd October

Flights are done in the Fouga Magister.
Follow our link for additional information: http://www.flyajetfighter.com/fly-fouga-magister-in-france/

Video fighter pilot experience. We love this experience so much that we can not resist presenting a new video of the fighter pilot experience.

A dogfight, or dog fight, is a form of aerial combat between fighter aircraft; in particular, combat of maneuver at short range, where each side is aware of the others presence. Dogfighting first appeared during World War I, shortly after the invention of the airplane. Until at least 1992, it was a component in every major war, despite beliefs after World War II that increasingly greater speeds and longer range weapons would make dogfighting obsolete. Modern terminology for air-to-air combat is air combat maneuvering (ACM), which refers to tactical situations requiring the use of individual basic fighter maneuvers (BFM) to attack or evade one or more opponents. This differs from aerial warfare, which deals with the strategy involved in planning and executing various missions. The term dogfight has been used for centuries to describe a melee; a fierce battle between two or more opponents. The term gained popularity during World War II, although its origin in air combat can be traced to the latter years of World War. So you should try to experience this ultimate experience and feel what a fighter pilot would feel, as this is truly awesome!

For anyone who has dreamed about becoming a fighter pilot and unfortunately having to do something else for a living, here is an awsome experience that will turn your childhood dream into reality. Thanks to military fighter pilots in the French air force, you can now take the controls of light aircrafts, learn to fly them, and engage in an air combat. Both aircrafts are equipped with a laser system that triggers a smoke system if you aim right. This is as simple as can be, and so much fun. You will experience G force, and be welcomed by a fantastic team near Bordeaux, south west France. Check out this experience by following the link: fighter pilot experience. And here is a video to give you a quick preview of what’s waiting for you…

Be a fighter pilot for a day!

Be a real fighter pilot ! We have started to have some serious fun with our friends in France, offering real air combat experience. Except of course, the shooting is laser guided, and if you shoot right, the smoke system engages and you can see your opponent smoking, just like the plane would if it had been touched by live amo. The experience is amazing and you will feel like a real fighter pilot.

The program lasts a full day. You are welcomed by the team in St Estephe, near Bordeaux. All are fighter pilots, some active, others are early retired from the French Air Force, but all have extensive experience in flying jet fighters. They will brief you in the morning on how to fly an aircraft, but also the basic air combat maneuvers. After lunch, you will be put in situation, with too aircraft taking off, one baddy and yourself. Your mission will be to shoot the aircraft down.

air combat

That’s when the fun starts. You will be in control of the aircraft in the air, but be reassured, there is a real fighter pilot in the back seat. You will engage in air combat and put in practive what you have learned in the morning. There two flights during the afternoon with a debrief in between, to perfect your technique. This is one truly amazing experience, and it is beautifully set in the wine region of Medoc, which makes it a nice weekend destination. For more information, check out Tematis and their website: http://uk.tematis.com/en/182-air-combat-dogfight


Fly the Fouga Magister in France

If you are travelling to France, there is one experience you should definitely try with us, and it is a reason on its own to travel to France : come and fly the Fouga Magister jet fighter. This aircraft is a beauty, with its recognizable V tail, but most importantly, it is highly maneuverable and with a large glass canopy, it offers incredible views over the landscapes.

We fly the Fouga Magister from Beauvais, near Paris, but also from Abbeville in northern France. It is very easy to access with flights landing directly into Beauvais airport with Ryanair and other low cost airlines, and even when flying into Charles de Gaulle airport. The experience is truly worth the experience as you will share a unique moment with professional fighter pilots, and become one for a day.

Check out the following video to see what it’s like to fly with us!