Want a new experience ? Try out formation flying in a jet fighter! Live the thrills of a jet fighter ride whilst flying in formation. This is a great flying experience to share and to feel like a Top Gun! Enjoy the incredible sensations and views of the other aircraft while flying upside down or at low altitude. More than a jet fighter ride, you get to share with a friend or loved one, making it the best experience possible. Formation flying requires precision and action. Fighter pilots are masters of precision and this experience will get you under the skin of such pilots. You will have to manage your own emotions as you get to enjoy a jet fighter ride, fly the jet for a moment, and experience formation flying, with the wings of the aircrafts very close, and doing evolutions together.

formation flying jet fighter

We have 2 different flight times to allow you to benefit from 2 experiences depending on your budget. But in all flights, you will get the full sensations of a fighter pilot, the difference being the distance and landscapes we can reach as we fly for a longer period of time.
This is a discovery flight of what fighter pilots experience every day. Flying west from Paris, the flight is composed of 3 phases: discovery and flight – your pilot sees how you react to some evolutions and then gives you the controls of the aircraft. Second phase is aerobatics, with various evolutions with zero-g, loops, barrels… and then low altitude flying which gives you the sense of speed of flying a jet fighter close to the ground.

The Fouga Magister is one of the best designed fighter planes ever. Easy to fly, it brings security with its twin engines, and offers a great view thanks to its wide cockpit glass. Built in the 1950s, the Fouga Magister was conceived as a jet trainer. The plane was worked so well that it was quickly adopted by various air forces around the world, such as the Israeli air Force who used the plane extensively during the six days war in 1967. The Fouga Magister is one of the most agile fighter planes ever built. So much that it has been the favourite plane of the French national display team, The Patrouille de France, from 1964 to 1980, when it was replaced by Alphajets.

For more information and pricing, see our section “fly a jet fighter” on our commercial website.

Jet fighter rides this summer

We have been lazy on the blog front this summer primarily because we have been sooooo busy flying. What a great summer it has been. Great weather, good temperatures and a nice cold ice tea at the end of the day. We have met fantastic people during this past two months and it has been a great satisfaction to get you in the air and enjoy our jet fighter rides. We have also teamed up with our friends in the South to deliver air combat experiences, a unique experience in Europe. Here are a few pics of our summer!

fly a jet fighter

Fly the MiG-29 jet fighter in Russia

The MiG-29 is ending its maintenance and ready to fly again. Remember there is a 60 days timeframe to select your date to enable the security check. Flying the MiG-29 is absolutely awesome. This is the fastest jet fighter you can hold of and the beast is super powerful, agile and you will need that G force suit to resist. There are four options to fly the MiG-29:

1/ a discovery flight: you fly the aircraft at subsonic speed, and discover all the aerobatic maneuvers the MiG-29 is capable of. Loops and barrels are just the easy ones. Get ready for this intense program but do not worry, if you think that’s too much, you can always ask the pilot to stop.

2/ A supersonic flight: go faster than the speed of sound. This is one of the few chances to travel super fast and experience breaking the sound barrier. This program usually ends up with an aerobatic program, just to demonstrate going supersonic is not only what it does.

3/ Stratospheric flight: reach the edge of space in the MiG-29. Fly up to 70,000 feet, twice as high as a normal airliner, and admire the curvature of the earth. The sky is pitch dark, and you are at twice the speed of sound. This is an extraordinary experience, and the only one so far to get you into the stratosphere.

4/ Suborbital flight training. This program is design for the people who have signed up already for a suborbital ride, whenever it will be. In the meantime, you get to experience all the thrills in the MiG-29, with parabolas, G force, and the full program of an astronaut.

All these programs are just exceptional. What’s more: you get your own interpreter and guide on site, with driver that will assist on the day, but will also show you around after your MiG flight. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Contact us for additional information.

Testimonies – fly a jet fighter

What’s it like to fly a jet fighter ? Flying a jet fighter is an extraordinary experience. We are very fortunate because we make people live something unique, and for some, it is an achievement, the realization of a dream. And to be part of it is simply great. We meet people who are very nervous and anxious at first. They open up through the day until they get seated in the plane. There, they get nervous again as we go through the instruments review. But once the canopy is closed, we can feel they are getting ready to enjoy their jet fighter ride.

It is scary at first for some, others are anxious to get it over with, but once they get airborne and we start the first evolutions, they relax and enjoy it. They take it all in and we can hear the comments – sometimes it’s just “arghhhh”, or “oh my god, oh my god”, or “unbelievable”… Then we get the “what ?”. That’s when we ask them if they want to take the controls… We are very fortunate because we see smiling and happy people all day. Of course some are a little white when getting out of the aircraft, but also part of the experience. So just to thank you all, here are some testimonies that you have been kind to send us after the flight. We thought there is no better way to share the experience than to let you explain it with your own words.

fly jet fighter

Dear all, thanks again for a wonderful day in Beauvais. I am now back to my usual self and would like to thank your team and your pilot Pierre for the amazing ride. You have made my day perfect, and I will never forget this experience. Thanks again. Paul Chesap – UK.

A personal thanks to Claire and Claude for their amazing kindness and a fantastic flight. I never thought I could actually fly the aircraft… I still have the sensations of the flight and I am actually looking forward to doing it again – Carol Van Dyck – Canada.

Flying to the edge of space in the Mig 29 was utterly mind blowing. Thank you so much for a fantastic experience. I never thought I would do this one day, and I am so happy I actually have been one of the very few to reach for the stars. It was incredible. Thanks to the pilot and to the team in Russia for making this my life changing experience – Leonie Marin – France

I felt incredibly powerful and sick at the same time. It was very weird and I am so happy I did the ride. Thank you for your support and kindness throughout. Feeling G force is an extraordinary experience. I will strongly recommend your team. Bob Hardy – UK

We have decided to put more testimonies online and it will be done so each month. Keep your testimonies coming, we always like to hear that you are well and to get your feedback.

There are many things in life that will make you tick, and flying a jet fighter is one of the quickest to get your heart racing. A jet fighter ride is an unbelievable experience to live, and we welcome you to feel the adrenaline rush. Although we are based in France, and the operators of two jet fighters in Paris and Beauvais, we also work with other operators to offer rides in Russia, Switzerland, the UK and other destinations so you can feel like a fighter pilot. So what will you go through exactly ? Here is the deal:

Arrive at the airport late morning. We usually try start flying around 11am as there may some occasional mist before. You will get a full briefing, about safety first, then about the ride, the plane, and the instruments. You will also be briefed about the flight plan, what you will see, and most importantly, how to react to G force. You will then be suited up and seated in the jet fighter where we do the instruments again, showing you exactly where they are and what they mean. And after checking that all cameras are on, it’s engines on!

Let’s not talk about the ride, it’s all very personal the way people react. But I can assure you this will stay with you forever. Here is a quick video of one of our rides!

So if this is something you think you can handle, send us a mail or give us a call to organise your jet fighter ride.

Be a fighter pilot for a day!

Be a real fighter pilot ! We have started to have some serious fun with our friends in France, offering real air combat experience. Except of course, the shooting is laser guided, and if you shoot right, the smoke system engages and you can see your opponent smoking, just like the plane would if it had been touched by live amo. The experience is amazing and you will feel like a real fighter pilot.

The program lasts a full day. You are welcomed by the team in St Estephe, near Bordeaux. All are fighter pilots, some active, others are early retired from the French Air Force, but all have extensive experience in flying jet fighters. They will brief you in the morning on how to fly an aircraft, but also the basic air combat maneuvers. After lunch, you will be put in situation, with too aircraft taking off, one baddy and yourself. Your mission will be to shoot the aircraft down.

air combat

That’s when the fun starts. You will be in control of the aircraft in the air, but be reassured, there is a real fighter pilot in the back seat. You will engage in air combat and put in practive what you have learned in the morning. There two flights during the afternoon with a debrief in between, to perfect your technique. This is one truly amazing experience, and it is beautifully set in the wine region of Medoc, which makes it a nice weekend destination. For more information, check out Tematis and their website: http://uk.tematis.com/en/182-air-combat-dogfight


Controlling aircrafts by gestures

Controlling drone aircraft could one day be as simple as waving your arms. Yale Song and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a way of controlling drones taxiing on a runway using gestures. Drones can already land autonomously on aircraft carrier decks, but humans control them during taxiing. With piloted aircraft, navy flight-deck marshals use a codified set of hand gestures to instruct them to, for instance, cut their engines, open weapon bay doors or move to a refuelling bay.

To test whether these gestures could be recognised by a computer, Song’s team wrote an algorithm that analyses 3-second clips from a depth-sensing camera trained on a person performing flight-deck gestures. The system recorded body, arm, wrist, hand and finger positions, and was subsequently able to recognise a flight-deck command correctly 76 per cent of the time.

The team says it is now working on improving recognition levels. The research will appear in a forthcoming issue of ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems. “I can’t see why this wouldn’t work ultimately,” says Peter van Blyenburgh, head of UVS International, a drone trade group. “The gestures are clearly defined – an image sensor should be able to pick them up.”

The MIT team isn’t the only one interested in gesture-controlled drones. In 2009, aerospace firm Boeing, based in Chicago, filed a patent on the idea of controlling squadrons of unmanned aircraft using human gestures. That would mean a pilot on the ground covered in motion sensors could control a drone swarm flying overhead.