Serbia is planning to buy several MiG-29M/M2 Fulcrum fighter jets from Russia, and Serbian pilots are already being trained in flying the aircraft, the country’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Monday. Serbian media reported in late April that the country hopes to buy a total of six MiG-29M/M2 fighters and two radar stations from Russia, and that the deal could be closed before the end of this year. The new deal may be linked to the modernization of Serbia’s Moma Stanojlovic aircraft maintenance factory, which is due to become a regional center for servicing MiG-family aircraft, many of which are in service in neighboring countries, the minister said. Serbia expects to buy the aircraft on credit, he said, adding that the final cost of the deal will depend on what weapon systems are installed on them as well as on the volume of spare parts to be purchased. The parties are set to hash out the details of the agreement during Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic’s visit to Russia on May 21 and Vucic’s visit from May 23-24.

Fly the MiG-29 jet fighter in Russia

The MiG-29 is ending its maintenance and ready to fly again. Remember there is a 60 days timeframe to select your date to enable the security check. Flying the MiG-29 is absolutely awesome. This is the fastest jet fighter you can hold of and the beast is super powerful, agile and you will need that G force suit to resist. There are four options to fly the MiG-29:

1/ a discovery flight: you fly the aircraft at subsonic speed, and discover all the aerobatic maneuvers the MiG-29 is capable of. Loops and barrels are just the easy ones. Get ready for this intense program but do not worry, if you think that’s too much, you can always ask the pilot to stop.

2/ A supersonic flight: go faster than the speed of sound. This is one of the few chances to travel super fast and experience breaking the sound barrier. This program usually ends up with an aerobatic program, just to demonstrate going supersonic is not only what it does.

3/ Stratospheric flight: reach the edge of space in the MiG-29. Fly up to 70,000 feet, twice as high as a normal airliner, and admire the curvature of the earth. The sky is pitch dark, and you are at twice the speed of sound. This is an extraordinary experience, and the only one so far to get you into the stratosphere.

4/ Suborbital flight training. This program is design for the people who have signed up already for a suborbital ride, whenever it will be. In the meantime, you get to experience all the thrills in the MiG-29, with parabolas, G force, and the full program of an astronaut.

All these programs are just exceptional. What’s more: you get your own interpreter and guide on site, with driver that will assist on the day, but will also show you around after your MiG flight. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Contact us for additional information.

India is getting ready for a fighter, after announcing purchases of trainer jet fighters, the confirmation of the ability to export the Sukhoi T-50, now India announces the purchase of more jet fighters from Russia. Russia and India have signed a $1.5-billion contract on the supplies of 29 more MiG-29K carrier-based fighter jets to New Delhi, the head of the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG said on Friday. “An agreement on supplying an additional set of MiG-29K fighter jets has been signed, the start of supplies is scheduled for 2012,” Mikhail Pogosyan said. The deal was signed during Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s visit to New Delhi. Pogosyan said Russia should fulfill the previous contract on supplies of single-seat MiG-29K fighters to India by 2010. Russia and India signed a contract stipulating the supply of 12 single-seat MiG-29Ks and four two-seat MiG-29KUBs to India in January 2004. The contract is part of a $1.5 billion deal to deliver the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier, currently being retrofitted in Russia for the Indian navy. India’s first MiG-29Ks and MiG-29KUBs officially entered service earlier this year. Analysts believe that India will remain the main purchaser of Russian-made combat aircraft for the next 15 years under existing and future contracts, as the country desperately needs to upgrade its fighter fleet, which includes Su-30MKI and MiG-29 fighters, but mainly consists of obsolete Soviet MiG-21 models. Funny enough, this purchase of MiG comes at a time when the Russian army has announced that MiG is losing money. So it’s good timing, and reinforces the appetite of India for jet fighters.