9 May 2019

Flying the F-14 jet fighter

Mma fighter aviator-in-education Paul Nickell managed to get from the rigors of principal and sophisticated air travel education to generate his sought after wings of gold-plus an assignment to take flight what was then this Navy’s latest and many complicated mma fighter, the F-14A Tomcat. Heading in the spritely TA-4J Skyhawk to […]
6 May 2019

The US Air Force deploys in Romania

The U.S. Air Force has deployed Airmen and F-16C Fighting Falcons to Campia Turzii, Romania, as a part of a Theater Security Package in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, according to a statement. The Airmen and aircraft are assigned to the 475th Fighter Squadron, 301st Fighter Wing, Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, […]
3 May 2019

Freewing L-39 Albatros 80mm EDF Jet

All main electronics including servos and touchdown gear come pre-put in, simply add your own energy system (EDF, motor, and ESC) to start flying. Combining the sport performance of the Avanti and the fidelity of scale aircraft just like the A-4 and MiG-21, Freewing continues the legacy of its glorious performing 80mm […]
2 May 2019

Israel Helped China Build Its New Jet Fighter

A new report says Israel has helped China develop a brand new fighter jet built with Russian elements and is weighing a Chinese language request for an Israeli radar system. A report by the Washington-primarily based Jamestown Foundation said China has sought Israeli radar for its new J-10 Chengdu fighter-jet. The J-10 […]
30 April 2019

China works on an hypersonic missile to destroy US warships

Oriental sources have documented that the puzzle anti-dispatch hypersonic missile is being tested from the People’s Liberation Army Navy (Program). In line with the recent information, the prototype hypersonic missile, becoming created to improve the firepower of your latest China Variety 055 led missile destroyers, has been doing efficiently territory exams. Options […]
15 April 2019

What’s Rafale Deal Controversy?

In April 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced that India will buy 36 French-manufactured Rafale fighter jets off-the-shelf from Dassault, the French aircraft builder and integrator. The Rafale was chosen in 2012 over rival affords from the United States, Europe and Russia. The step was needed to upgrade India’s ageing fleet. […]
15 April 2019

Sukhoi Su-57 Stealthy Multi-Role Fighter

The Sukhoi Su-57 is a new Russian fighter aircraft. It started life of the PAK FA (or Future Frontline Aircraft System). Originally it was thought that the PAK FA is an air superiority fighter, nevertheless it turned out that this aircraft has a secondary ground assault functionality. This new stealthy aircraft was […]
3 April 2019

Why The French Fighter Has The proper Stuff

With the Supreme Courtroom of India giving the Narendra Modi government a clear chit on the decision-making course of to buy 36 Rafales from France, the so-known as controversy finally needs to be laid at relaxation. The bitter dogfight that has taken place within the political enviornment over the Rafale jet fighter […]
2 April 2019

Israel Downs Syrian Fighter Jet With Patriot Missiles

It is a gross violation of the 1974 separation agreements between Israel and Syria. I made it clear that we would not accept any such violation; we would not have any intrusion into our territory, either from the ground or from the air,” he said in a statement. “Our forces acted accordingly. […]